Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Why go to a market and buy things when you can easily buy them online & get them delivered to your doorstep?

Here at IBA Tech, we value our customers’ comfort, that’s why we provide free shipping all over Pakistan. You also get many payment options, you can either pay an advance or pay at the time of delivery, whichever option suits your need.

The delivery time varies with the methods of payment. And as far as the methods of payment are concerned, below is the list and their corresponding delivery timings.


1)       Advance Payment


If you need your product to be delivered as fast as possible, then the Advance Payment option is what you should opt for. You can either pay via Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, or you can transfer the money to our bank accounts, that are mentioned at the time of purchase.

Once we receive and confirm your payments, your product(s) will be delivered to you within 24-48 hours. The primary modes of shipment are OCS, TCS, and Leopard’s Urgent Courier Service.

So if you need your product as soon as possible, then go for an advance payment. If you order today, you’ll get your product by tomorrow or at max, the day after tomorrow.


2)       Cash On Delivery


If you prefer to pay cash at the time of delivery then you can also do so by selecting the option of Cash on Delivery. Delivery time for “cash on delivery” option is a little longer than advance payment. You will usually get your product in 3 to 5 days after the ordering day.

You have to, however, send some advance payment as a security fee. We usually ask you to pay from 5% to 50% of the total price of the product you’re ordering. As stated before, you will get your product in a maximum of 5 days after ordering and you can pay the remaining amount at the time of delivery.

The mode of shipment is Leopard’s Courier Service.

These are two major forms of payment and their respective delivery times.

Whereas there are some products that we do not always have available at our warehouse in Pakistan, those are termed as “ON ORDER” Products, and their delivery time is usually higher.


3)       On Order Products


As mentioned above, the delivery time is more than usual for such products. You have to make a full advance payment after ordering, then we will import your product from our international offices and deliver them to you. This usually takes between 7 to 15 days, basically one to two weeks.

This is usually the case for more high-end products that are not usually bought in Pakistan and so we don’t import those in advance.

When you place the order, and we confirm your advance payment, we then immediately import the product from foreign countries and then deliver them to you. This process takes time, which is why we make our valued customers wait for some more days.

Whichever method you choose, you can be sure that you will get a high quality and genuine product, always.

The time mentioned above is estimated time, and if everything goes well, you will get your products as soon as possible.

For any questions and queries, you can always send us an email at