Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In this information age, privacy holds utmost importance for internet users, and rightfully so; because of the many privacy risks lurking on the internet, it’s very important to stay vigilant and care about your privacy.

As far as privacy on websites is concerned, the number one concern of most users is what information is getting collected and whether or not it is being shared with any third-parties.

This page will give you a clear idea of what we, at IBA Tech, collect from you; the users, and if we share it with anyone.

This is the privacy policy of IBA Tech, and when you use our websites then that automatically means that you’re complying with the terms mentioned in this policy, so you should carefully observe this policy to know what information our website will collect from you, and how we are safeguarding your information. It is the duty of the user of a website to read and understand the privacy policy of a given website, prior to using it or giving any information in the form of emails etc.

What kind of Information are we collecting?

The number one concern, as stated above, of the users, is what exactly is the type of information a website is collecting.

When you’re using IBA Tech or placing your order at our website, we have to collect some information out of necessity, here are some things we collect from our users.

  • Your Full Name
  • Your E-mail Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Country, City, State
  • Your Physical Address

These are a few things that we usually collect from our users; under normal circumstances. Now, that you know what information we are collecting from you, it’s also important for you to understand why we need this information.

Reasons for Collection

As far as your Full Name and Email ID is concerned - that is the standard requirement for websites everywhere when you register on them and make a personal account.

We only need your valid email address and name to make an account for you, later on - if you decide to add some more details like your address and phone number, in your account, then that’s up to you.

Once you add this information, it automatically gets stored in our databases.

As you know IBA Tech is an e-commerce website, meaning we sell things online.

To do so, we need some certain information about you, for instance when you place an order on our website and when you check out then we have to know Your City and State, Your Phone Number and your Mailing Address.

All these things are collected to facilitate you better and to give you timely deliveries. We cannot deliver to you without the name of your City.

Your phone number is taken to give you a better service in time of delivery because when items get delivered, it’s not necessary that you’re available at all times. That’s when we will use your phone number to connect with you and process the delivery further.

Mailing Address: this could be your home address, but that is not necessary.

With ‘exact physical address’ what we mean is the exact address of the place you would want your product to be delivered to. This could very well be your home address or even the nearest courier office. 

Spam and Cookie Policy

Here at IBA Tech, we have a very strict anti-spam policy.

When you sign up for our online newsletter, then you will always receive the relevant news about products, recent blog posts etc. Never anything from a third-party. We have a specific number of emails that we send to our users, so you will never be spammed with irrelevant and too many emails.

Like many famous websites worldwide, we make use of cookies. It’s important for us to use cookies to store your login sessions (while logging in when you tick the “Remember Me” box then that makes our systems store a unique cookie on your browser which stores your login information in an encrypted format, this helps you to easily use the website without the need of logging in every time you visit a new page on our website), and to recommend you products according to your preferences and recent viewings.

You should understand that when you’re using our website you’re agreeing to the use of Cookies.

Sharing and Information Security

Giving out information to famous websites is not a major concern of most users, it’s the sharing of it that is the cause of alarm.

At IBA Tech, we do not share your information with any irrelevant third-parties.

Your information is only shared when it is necessary, for example - we have to share your mailing address and such details with courier companies so they can deliver your products to you.

We only use famous and trusted courier companies, like TCS, OCS and Leopard Courier Service.

Your personal information and its security are very important to us, that’s why we make use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our website. SSL ensures that communication through your computer to our website is fully encrypted so no one can eavesdrop on your information.

When SSL isn’t used then it’s possible for potential attackers to use a simple network monitoring tool and see your personal information as well as your login information/ bank account no. etc. by examining the data packets.

However, you do not need to worry about such problems because as mentioned above, we make use of SSL, so your communication with us is fully encrypted at all times, and your data is always secure. 

As stated before, it’s the responsibility of a user to read and fully understand the Privacy Policy to make sure he/she knows what information is being recorded and about the policies regarding sharing and security.